Sportyn ID*

First digital sports CV containing all athlete's videos and key sports data.

The sportyn ID has solved a problem for millions of today's athletes who until now had their sports data, athletic achievements, features and notes scattered on thousands of different websites, platforms and personal note pads. Sportyn ID combines athletes' videos and unique digital sport CVs with advanced AI technology to single out every athlete in front of desired audiences – professional sports recruiters, clubs, fans and followers, boosting athletes' chances for professional success and towards athletic achievements.

Sportyn ID Features

Easily create your sportyn ID to get more visibility and catch the attention of a global audience. Record your achievements, stats, athletic features, club history, contract and agency status, and much more. Export your sportyn ID to PDF and share it instantly with anyone at any time.

Athlete Profile

Player's distinctive physical abilities and performance information are often the best indicators of their strengths and full athletic potential.

Club History

Keeping track of player's youth and professional clubs as well as national team appearances and transfers.


Complete list of athlete's most relevant athletic achievements including tournament history, rankings, scores, prizes.

Cotract Status

Effective transfer and season planning made better through the understanding of player's contractual obligations if any.

Agent/Agency Status

Find out more about the professional management and support team behind player's or team's success.


Easily save and manage your impressions about a game or practice session performance or any other particularity.


Start your sports career. Play your game and get noticed. In any sport.