Using AI*

Sportyn processes every element of athletes' performance ecosystem and automatically generates unique sportyn IDs powered by an exclusive AI technology.

Sportyn, as a premier sports content sharing platform, seeks to create big data, machine learning and AI-based analytical features within the application.

  • automated metadata extraction
  • extended reality and data overlay on existing and actual pictures
  • tracking individual progress over time and pinpointing potential future talents.

AI Features

Sportyn AI is a layer of artificial intelligence that delivers predictions based on your unique processes and athlete video data. With Sportyn you can:


Filter any athlete with specific skill set using Sportyn AI technology.

Identify talents

Identifying young talents that have a high probability of excelling in the future.

Identify market value

Identifying players that are undervalued by the market.

Recognize trends

Get notified about most viewed athletes by sport using AI technology.

Performance booster

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of an athlete in on-field performance.

Decision helper

To help develop strategy and tactics in any sport or competition.


Sportyn AI helps scouts, coaches and athletes to explore and achieve new heights.

Scouts & Agents

Evaluating players potential and their estimated market values to make smarter decisions in talent acquisition.

Coaches & Trainers

Assessing individual performances to identify strenghts and areas of improvement.


For selfanalisys and selfimprovement.

*AI technology is currently under development. We except to see it's full implementation in the next versions of Sportyn app.