Launching in Q4/2022


A utility cryptographic decentralized token minted on the blockchain, to be used to endorse future sports stars, fund the development and careers of athletes and much more.


Sports are economically demanding, with sports investment available for a very few, mostly occurring only after achieving success.

Sportyn’s unique blockchain-based fundraise platform is designed especially for all athletes seeking much needed financial funding and endorsement required to reach athletic achievements. The platform will offer each verified athlete on sportyn the ability to unlock their own individual athlete- development funding program enabling anyone to support/fund their favorite athletes easily and securely.

Supporting Your Favourite Athlete

Becoming a successful athlete is a long and risky process. Getting early support and required funding to pay for coaching, traveling, equipment or nutrition is very difficult – especially if you are one of millions of athletes who face disadvantageous starting point such as living, training or competing in remote or an unknown area, with fewer resources available.

As a result, many talented athletes are not getting the funding they need to be recognized, resulting in fewer athletes maximizing their potential.


Athlete Supporter's Benefits

Besides financially supporting the development of their favorite athlete, as a part of sportyn’s token- based rewarding mechanism, each athlete supporter will get a chance to earn valuable STYN tokens directly to their own digital wallet on sportyn.

In addition, for every contribution made to any athlete on sportyn, each athlete supporter will have a chance to receive a special NFT from that athlete to record his valuable support to the athlete’s sports career.


The STYN token is the world’s first crypto for empowering athletes and the underlying gas that powers the sportyn ecosystem.

Utilizing sportyn wallet will enable anyone to support their favorite athlete financially easily and securely using crypto and other currencies.

The sportyn card has multiple forms of utility – real-time cryptocurrency to fiat currency conversion and vice versa, allowing you to spend your crypto assets with merchants globally, make zero-fee online/offline purchases for the sports equipment, travel expenses to sporting tournaments, events and many more.



Start your sports career. Play your game. Get noticed. Get funded. In any sport.